“I… uhm… couldn’t get one.”, I say, biting back a scream.

The blue man raises an eyebrow.

“Because the card reader doesn’t work!”, I protest.

I tap my phone again, just to show him.


“You’re doing it wrong.” 


“You have to keep your phone there a little bit longer.”

I try to do exactly that, but by the time I turn around to show him that it STILL doesn’t work…

…the bus stops at the next station, and he’s already on his way out.

You’d think I let this go and moved on with my life…

But you’d be absolutely wrong. Because what I did instead was plain STUPID.

“EXCUSE ME”, I shout as I make my way out after him.


The blue man turns around and squints his eyes.

“Weren’t you supposed to FINE me?”

“Yeah, I was. But I trust that you made an honest mistake.”


I thank him and I start walking the other way.

“But if I ever catch you without a ticket again…”, he whispers.


“…you’re gonna feel my rage!!”

The blue man jumps into the air, does a pirouette, and disappears forever.

I’ve never seen him since.

Aaaaaaand CUT!

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