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Hi! I’m Emilia Tanase, conversion copywriter and email strategist. And I’m on a mission. Doing what, you ask? Stomping ho-hum copy and crafting irresistible experiences through storytelling delight. My goal is to help business owners like you lean on authenticity (with extra added spice) and take bonding with customers to a whole new level. I’ve worked with small businesses and giant companies in tech, e-commerce, and the solopreneur world. I’m also a proud graduate of Copy School by Copyhackers.

What’s inside the guide:

The ONE technique that turns any boring experience into storytelling delight - page 7

THREE ways to build cliffhangers that send your open rates into overdrive - page 9

How to get your readers hooked through "narrative transportation" - page 4

The No #1 mistake people make when crafting cliffhangers (and what to do instead) - page 9

The most crucial element ANY email must have if you want people to take you seriously - page 11

Exactly what makes an irresistible subject line (and how famous copywriters do it) - page 2


Get practical examples under each law from some of the most respected copywriters today. Swipe ideas and angles that help you build binge-worthy stories.

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